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May 2016 Archives

What do you do if your workers' compensation claim is denied?

When you get hurt at work, the last thing you want to have to deal with is a dispute with your boss over the amount of compensation you should receive or if your injury should be covered by workplace insurance at all. Workers' compensation is designed to help you when you're hurt, and your employer should be willing to help you file your claim for compensation as long as your injury took place on the job.

Child hit by vehicle left behind by driver to fend for himself

If someone hits a child while driving, the last thing you'd expect is for them to continue driving without stopping. A hit-and-run involving your child is traumatic enough for your little one, let alone for the rest of your family, when you can't locate the driver. When you are able to file a claim, noting that the driver fled can become an important part of the claim for damages.

You can file a claim after you suffer a slip-and-fall injury

One common personal injury lawsuit stems from slipping and falling. When you slip and fall, you may hit your head, break bones, or suffer strains or sprains. While many slip-and-fall accidents take place in the winter months, it's not uncommon for people to slip and fall in the summer, spring, or fall. Sometimes wet, rainy days may conditions slick, and other times it's dangerous construction areas or other hazards that result in tripping.

3 hurt in multi-vehicle accident in New Jersey

Car accidents can happen suddenly, putting you and others in your vehicle at risk of injury. When another person's negligence is responsible for your pain and suffering, you may want to consider filing a claim for compensation that can help you pay down medical bills, replace your vehicle, and care for your family by replacing lost wages.

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