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June 2017 Archives

Car accidents | Fast facts about drunk driving

It would be difficult to find a resident of Jersey City who does not believe that drunk driving contributes heavily to car accidents. Despite this widespread belief, many car accidents involving alcohol still happen in and around our city. Why does this keep happening? What can be done about it? How can victims become empowered after they are injured?

Workers' compensation and work-related assault injuries

According to statistics from Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 2 million assaults occur annually in American workplaces. Some of these assaults result in only minor injuries, while others cause severe suffering. What many New Jersey victims of work-related assault do not realize is that workers' compensation will likely cover their injuries.

Maximum sentence for former cop in fatal DUI crash

No one should be above the law when it comes to fatal car accidents involving alcohol. A former New Jersey police officer responsible for the death of two people in a fatal drunk driving accident is one example of how status cannot and should not protect you from the repercussions of negligent behavior.

You might not be as safe as you think on someone else's property

If you are anything like most residents of Jersey City, you lead a busy life. Chances are your job, your family and your social life keep you coming and going all the time. It is easy to lose your focus on safety and suffer an accident on someone else's public or private property. However, even if you remain cautious, you can still suffer premises accident injuries.

Can self-driving cars reduce pedestrian accidents?

What once seemed like pure science fiction is now closer to reality than ever before. Self-driving or autonomous vehicles are currently a subject of international scrutiny, with engineers making new strides almost every day. What would the world be like if cars could drive themselves? Would it be a safer place for all, including pedestrians, or would trusting in technology prove to be disastrous?

Helping you avoid motorcycle accidents while group riding

With summer in the air, getting together for a group ride with your cycling friends sounds like a great idea. However, riding as a group is not as smooth or easy as it may seem to be. It takes even more vigilance and caution than usual to remain in a group and still be safe from motorcycle accidents.

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