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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

New Jersey couple killed in a motorcycle accident

Talking about recent motorcycle accidents in a legal blog serves many good purposes for the public. Discussion helps to expand awareness about the dangers other motorists often present to motorcyclists. It also sparks important questions about how and why these accidents occur. Talking about the issues can sometimes even shine a light on possible solutions that could help reduce motorcycle accidents or at least provide victims of these crashes with legal remedies.

Unanswered questions surrounding New Jersey motorcycle accident

Unfortunately, answers regarding the cause and the blame for a motorcycle accident are not immediately available. In many cases, those that were involved in an accident between a motorcycle and another vehicle have their own ideas about what caused the crash. Still, injured parties on both sides of the coin must wait for definitive and official answers.

Helping you avoid motorcycle accidents while group riding

With summer in the air, getting together for a group ride with your cycling friends sounds like a great idea. However, riding as a group is not as smooth or easy as it may seem to be. It takes even more vigilance and caution than usual to remain in a group and still be safe from motorcycle accidents.

File a claim if you're hit due to negligence or distractions

There are a few motorcycling myths that should be addressed to help motorcyclists avoid getting into accidents with drivers. Things like making your motorcycle louder, for example, might not actually help you avoid a collision.

2 injured in devastating motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling event, and you may enjoy heading out during brisk days in New Jersey. You know that no matter how careful you are, though, people do make mistakes and may put your life at risk. If a driver doesn't see you coming and hits you, that person is responsible for the damage he or she causes, even if it was accidental.

Why do motorcyclists get into accidents?

You love heading out on your motorcycle, because it feels like you're closer to nature. There's little better than the adrenaline of the speed you travel on a highway or through a mountain pass. Even though it's an enjoyable moment for you now, there are risks to riding a motorcycle.

What are some motorcycle accident facts to know?

Motorcycle accidents are tragic and violent. Riders have little to not protection against other vehicles, the friction of the road or impacts. They face serious injuries and life-threatening conditions after a collision. What's worse is that many accidents could be avoided if drivers were more cautious or looked for motorcyclists on the roads.

Motorcycle accidents: How you can help prevent injuries

Motorcyclists are at risk on the roads, no matter how careful they are. More than half of all motorcycle accidents take place at intersections. Over two-thirds of these accidents took place because the driver did not see the motorcyclist. It's particularly dangerous to ride in the winter months, when drivers assume that motorcycles have been put away for the winter.

Riding in the winter: What you need to know to get compensated

If you choose to ride a motorcycle in the winter, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself safer. For instance, making sure you wear warm enough clothing to prevent frostbite or hypothermia. You may also want to take a winter driving course to help yourself learn to manage on ice, snow and other hazardous winter conditions.

Are there any things I shouldn't do after a crash?

After a motorcycle accident, there are several things that you should or should not do. For instance, did you know that even if you're not at fault, saying that you're sorry for the accident can implicate that you were the one who caused the crash? Never admit fault at the scene, and avoid saying anything that would imply that you believe that you might be responsible for the accident.

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