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Premises Liability Archives

Yes, bars and restaurants can be liable for drunks and hazards

One common liability complaint that bars and restaurants face is when a customer has gotten drunk and then left the building, getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. The person may then face a DUI if stopped by police, but the liability claims are most common when the person gets into an accident with another party.

Bedbugs and your home: Landlord or tenant liability?

Who should be held responsible if there is an insect infestation in your apartment? What happens if you or your children fall ill? Landlord-tenant laws for bug infestations, particularly those involving bedbugs, vary by state, but typically it is a landlord's responsibility to correct problems in their rental properties. If the bugs infest the property and make it uninhabitable, the tenants can't be expected to live there.

You can be compensated for injuries on an owner's property

When you enter a property, it's the responsibility of the owner of that property to make sure you are kept safe. The property should be reasonably maintained, and you shouldn't have to worry about accidents due to damaged walkways or other concerns.

Local and state governments: Sovereign immunity may not apply

One of the hardest entities to hold liable for injuries or damages to your property is the government. However, it is possible to file a premises liability claim against the government and to be compensated for losses.

You can file a claim after you suffer a slip-and-fall injury

One common personal injury lawsuit stems from slipping and falling. When you slip and fall, you may hit your head, break bones, or suffer strains or sprains. While many slip-and-fall accidents take place in the winter months, it's not uncommon for people to slip and fall in the summer, spring, or fall. Sometimes wet, rainy days may conditions slick, and other times it's dangerous construction areas or other hazards that result in tripping.

Who is liable if I slip and fall in a supermarket?

For the majority of people, a visit to the supermarket at least once a week is a fact of life. Although it is a seemingly safe and routine part of life, many shoppers find themselves seriously injured because of a slip-and-fall sustained while on the store's property.

What can I do about a dangerous tree on my neighbor's property?

When your neighbor has dangerous trees on his or her property, what can you do about them? What happens if the trees fall and hurt you or someone you love? Can you do anything if the tree affects your property?

Don't let a negligent property owner get away without liability

Slip-and-fall accidents can be some of the most dangerous, because you can hit your head, land wrong and hurt your back or break bones. Dangerous conditions usually lead to these kinds of injuries. If you're on a property that has been left in a negligent state, then the person responsible for your injuries may be the property owner.

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