Pedestrian accidents: Drivers getting away without punishment

By respadmin | No Comments | Dec 04, 2014

If you’ve been in a pedestrian accident or know someone else who has been, then you may know how horrible it feels when the negligent driver gets away without being punished. This Dec. 3 report discusses how as many as 260 people are expected to die on the roads in New York City, but many of the drivers involved will not be prosecuted. Although this takes place in a city a good distance from New Jersey, a similar situation could take place in your state, too.

Imagine being in a situation where the person who hit you wasn’t being prosecuted; the pain and suffering caused would go without justice. In this news story, one woman who lost her 4-year-old child spoke about how the teen who struck her little one had been treated leniently, even being able to be free on bail. This was despite the fact that he had tried to flee and had backed up at the scene, causing the girl and her grandmother to be pinned to metal grating.

On top of that, the teen was driving without a license and was fleeing from cops when the accident happened. He was stopped again after being out on bail, and he was cited for driving recklessly without a license. That’s just one of the cases in the news, but it shows a troubling trend. Not all motor vehicle accidents with pedestrians are truly accidents; recklessness can lead to devastating consequences.

If you’ve faced a situation like this where justice isn’t served, you don’t have to stand for it. There may be steps you can take to get compensation for your losses as well as to make sure justice is provided for your family and loved ones.

Source: Straus Media, “The Second Tragedy of Traffic Deaths” Jill Abramson, Dec. 03, 2014

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