Family files premises liability suit against McDonald’s

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Customers that visit stores and restaurants in New Jersey should not have to fear for their safety when shopping or ordering a meal. Every state in the country has premises liability laws that say business and property owners are legally obligated to provide a safe and hazard-free environment for all legal visitors. However, common things like water or substances left on the floor unmarked can potentially be dangerous hazards for unsuspecting guests.

In another state, a family has filed a lawsuit against a McDonald’s restaurant after alleged negligence caused injury to a family member. The family member who was hurt visited a local McDonald’s looking to purchase a meal. According to the plaintiffs, the man encountered a slippery substance on the floor that caused him to fall. It is alleged that the fall caused substantial injuries to the man.

The claimed injuries include neck and head injuries, as well as injuries to the man’s back and extremities. The plaintiffs say that the defendant neglected to inspect the property and warn of the alleged hazardous condition. The family claims that, due to the alleged injuries, they have suffered loss of consortium and have incurred medical expenses and other losses. They are seeking monetary damages for their alleged hardships.

Property and business owners in New Jersey and across America should always have a safe and welcoming environment for all lawful visitors. Unfortunately, standard property maintenance and care is sometimes neglected. Those who suffer injuries due to dangerous conditions on a property may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit. A successful claim could result in a judgment for monetary damages to cover medical expenses and help with the pain and suffering associated with this type of accident.

Source:, “Wheeling family blames local McDonald’s for injuries“, Lhalie Castillo, March 29, 2018

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