Understanding workers’ compensation can be beneficial

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The safety of workers should be the top priority for employers across the state of New Jersey. Injuries sustained on the job have the potential to put an employee out of work for an extended period of time, resulting in lost wages and benefits. Across America, most employees have access to workers’ compensation benefits, which allow workers to obtain benefits in the event of an injury. An employee of a city in another state was allegedly injured on the job, rendering him unable to perform his duties.

The man reportedly took advantage of his workers’ compensation benefits. However, the nature of the injury has kept him out of work for an extended amount of time, which has he and his family questioning just how long he will continue to receive pay. The man worked as a police officer and suffered a spinal injury while at work, reports say. Allegedly, the man tried to work through the injury, but the injury caused him to fall while at work, which only worsened his situation.

The man now believes a spinal surgery is necessary. However, reports say that it could take up to a year to fully recover from the spinal surgery. The man and his family are worried that his workers’ compensation may expire. This has prompted the family to speak out in hopes that they may bring awareness to others about the laws and regulations surrounding workers’ compensation.

It is reassuring to know that these benefits are available for employees who are injured on the job. However, it is important that workers have an understanding of workers’ compensation insurance in their state, as each state has differing programs. Workers in New Jersey who have questions about workers’ compensation and their rights could greatly benefit by seeking the services of a knowledgeable attorney.

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