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Was another party responsible for your single-vehicle crash?

If you have been the victim of unfortunate circumstances that led to you wrecking your car in New Jersey when no other vehicle was involved, you will likely have several questions about your rights. Most importantly, you will want to know whether being the only driver involved makes you liable for all the damages. These are essential issues to clarify, especially if you had a passenger who was injured, or if you caused property damage.

Avoid the hazards of toxic chemical exposure

The manufacturing industry comprises a significant percentage of the New Jersey workforce. If you work in a factory, warehouse or another industrial facility, you will likely be aware of the dangers of toxic agents, chemicals, corrosives and flammable or combustible substances present in this industry. Because you are entitled to a safe workplace environment, the law requires your employer to provide you with comprehensive training to protect you from harm.

Improving your odds by maintaining high safety standards

On-the-job injuries happen to the other guy. This is what many people believe, and it often keeps them from taking those important precautions that keep them safe while they work. If you are one of those who, perhaps unconsciously, believes a workplace accident will never happen to you, you may benefit from reading about some common safety violations that cost the lives of thousands of workers in New Jersey and across the country each year.

Caution: Winter, just ahead!

While you're enjoying the beautiful fall foliage New Jersey typically has to offer, you may also be thinking ahead to the coming months, specifically, freezing temperatures and slush, snow and ice on the roads where you drive. Perhaps you have already gone through your checklist to make sure you have jumper cables, ice scrapers and flares in your car, just in case you are stranded in the dead of winter. Another thing you might want to think about as far as winter road safety is concerned is rock salt.

How to best avoid a slip-and-fall accident on snow and ice

Winter is just around the corner, and the first snowfall in northeastern New Jersey might be just a month or so away. Property owners who neglect to include the necessary maintenance measures in their safety protocols may find themselves facing premises liability lawsuits in the not too distant future. As a consumer, you would likely expect store owners to clear away snow from the sidewalks leading to the entrances of their premises to prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

Is workplace violence really something to be concerned about?

Yes. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, somewhere in the neighborhood of two million people across the country, most likely including many here in New Jersey as well, suffer injuries at the hands of their co-workers, customers, clients or visitors. You may expect to hear about workplace violence when it comes to police officers and corrections officers, but the potential for violence exists in every industry.

How patients can guard against medical errors

Even though medical errors are not an official causes of death for death certificates, recent studies have shown that medical errors are the third leading causes of death in the United States. Medical errors are defined as an unintentional act or an action that does not result in the desired outcome. Error of execution, error of planning, and deviation from the proper care process are all considered medical errors.

Having an insurance plan that will cover your needs

Serious motor vehicle accidents have a way of disrupting a person's life, even if only temporarily. Along with the potential of causing a great deal of physical and/or emotional pain, there are often financial ramifications following a collision that can be just as challenging to overcome.

Can I get workers' comp benefits for anxiety?

If you work in any industry in New Jersey, you will likely suffer work-related stress. This is a natural and unavoidable part of being responsible for doing your job as your employer expects you to do it. However, something may happen at work that transforms your stress into anxiety, which may require medical treatment and even time off work.

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