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Parkway car accident ends in multiple injuries

As the warmer months approach, so does peak tourist season in New Jersey. This means already crowded roadways can quickly become congested with an influx of tourist traffic. It is not uncommon for multi-vehicle, chain reaction crashes to occur along crowded freeways and interstate highways across the state. A recent car accident involving multiple vehicles occurred on a parkway in Holmdel and left eight people injured.

Distracting driving an all-too-common cause of a car accident

Drivers in New Jersey and across the country face an abundance of distractions these days. Cell phones, digital audio and GPS systems are examples of modern gadgets that can take focus off of the road and cause a car accident. Law enforcement offers throughout New Jersey have recently launched a campaign to crack down on distracted driving.

Fatal car accident proves alcohol and driving don't mix

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is becoming more and more dangerous as roads across the state of New Jersey are more crowded than ever before. Drivers these days face constant distractions, so taking just a short drive can have the potential to result in a car accident. Many of these accidents are fender-benders and minor inconveniences. However, some accidents can result in serious injuries and even death, especially when alcohol is involved. A recent accident in Highland Park left one person dead and an alleged drunk driver facing serious charges.

Fatal Jersey City car accident marks a deadly start to the year

In the state of New Jersey, there are over six million licensed drivers. So, statistically, it is likely that every driver will experience an accident at some point in their lives. Most accidents prove to be nothing more than minor fender benders. However, some car crashes are very serious and can quickly turn fatal. Any car accident is an unfortunate thing to experience, but when lives are lost in such a manner the experience can be extremely traumatic.

3-vehicle accident results in injuries

Roadways across the state of New Jersey are more crowded than ever before. With so many vehicles on the road, accidents are bound to happen. Throw distracted, impaired or reckless drivers in the mix and just trying to reach a destination can be downright dangerous. A recent car accident in Hampton is an example of how unpredictable and dangerous driving can be.

Husband and wife killed in tragic car accident

Although modern vehicles and stringent traffic laws have improved driving safety, getting behind the wheel these days can still be dangerous. Roadways across the state of New Jersey are constantly congested with traffic. With so much traffic, unexpected events and accidents are bound to occur. Any car accident can be a stressful experience to endure, but when lives are lost the experience can be absolutely devastating.

Car accident results in serious injuries and serious charges

As roadways become increasingly crowded across the state of New Jersey, accidents seem to be occurring more frequently. With populations booming in across the state, city streets are constantly congested with traffic. Driving in heavy traffic requires constant focus and attention. However, some drivers are not always careful or focused behind the wheel. A recent car accident in Rutherford left a man with serious injuries and another driver facing serious charges.

Man and dog killed in tragic car accident

According to statistics, automobile crashes are one of the leading causes of death and injury in the state of New Jersey. Increasingly crowded roadways combined with the myriad of distractions facing drivers today, it's no surprise that traffic accidents are trending upward. Drivers should always keep focus and attention on the road ahead, but sadly, that is not always the case. A recent car accident in Tinton Falls left a man and his dog dead.

Violent head-on car accident results in 2 deaths

Roadways in New Jersey and across the country are becoming more crowded and increasingly more dangerous. The sheer numbers of vehicles sharing the roads these days can make driving one of the more dangerous things to do on a daily basis. A car accident can undoubtedly be a stressful experience for those involved. When an accident results in loss of life, the experience can be absolutely devastating. A recent head-on crash in Hamilton Township claimed the life of two people.

Jersey City car accident results in injuries to 2 people

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle requires constant focus and attention. Roadways across the state of New Jersey are becoming more and more crowded. A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye, and unfortunately, some drivers these days are not always as focused as they should be. According to statistics, over 391,000 people were injured in accidents with distracted drivers across the United States in 2015. These type of accidents continue to occur despite laws put in place to help with distracted and reckless drivers.

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