Legal Issues Surrounding Slip And Fall Accidents On Ice Or Snow

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During the winter months, many slip and fall accidents involve pedestrians slipping on snow and ice that has not been removed from sidewalks, walkways, stairs and parking lots. There are complex laws surrounding liability for snow and ice slip and fall cases in New Jersey. At At Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman, our experienced premises liability attorneys can help you understand how these laws may affect your case and help you recover compensation for your injuries.

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Who Is Legally Responsible When A Slip And Fall Injury Occurs Due To Ice And Snow?

Under the legal concept of premises liability, it’s a property owner’s or business’ duty to take reasonable scare to ensure their premises are safe for all who enter. But what happens when you fall on ice or snow that hasn’t been cleared on a public sidewalk in front of a business or home? Our slip and fall lawyers explain.

Residential Property Owners

Although residential property owners may be liable if you slip and fall on their property, under New Jersey law, homeowners are not responsible for injuries that occur due to natural conditions on adjacent sidewalks owned by a municipality. Many cities and local municipalities have ordinances that require homeowners to remove and treat ice and snow with salt or ice melt. However, state law supersedes these rules when it comes to slip and fall accidents that occur on public sidewalks and walkways. If you do fall on a public sidewalk, you may be entitled to recover compensation from the municipality that owns it, but cases involving government entities can be a complex uphill battle. Our slip and fall lawyers will assess your case and determine whether your claim is worth pursuing.

Commercial Property Owners

New Jersey law is entirely different for commercial property owners and businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants and other retail businesses. New Jersey law does impose liability if you slip and fall on ice or snow on a public walkway adjacent to a commercial property. Some properties have leases, subleases, snow-removal contracts and other arrangements, which means that multiple parties may be liable for your injuries and other damages.

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