Motorcyclist injured in New Jersey accident

Collisions between motorcycles and other motor vehicles can be a very serious type of accident. Such accidents can

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2 hurt in head-on accident in New Jersey

It is very important for motorists to exercise appropriate care when out on the roads. When motorists fail

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Mechanic suffers broken arm in accident at New Jersey auto center

Accidents in the workplace can be a very serious matter. Such accidents sometimes result in workers getting hurt.

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Woman alleges store parking lot contained unsafe condition

It is very important for stores to act properly when it comes to their premises. This includes making

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Pedestrian killed in accident in New Jersey

Sometimes, car vs. pedestrian accidents result in a pedestrian’s death. Thus, car vs. pedestrian accidents can be an

Mar 27, 2013 Read More

Fatal auto accident occurs in New Jersey

A car accident recently occurred in New Jersey which resulted in a man’s death. The accident happened in

Mar 20, 2013 Read More

Man accused of drunk driving in connection to fatal accident in New Jersey

Drunk driving is not only illegal, it is also extremely reckless and dangerous. Such wrongful conduct can lead

Mar 13, 2013 Read More

Woman hurt in car accident in New Jersey

Car accidents can be a very serious matter. Such accidents can result in people getting hurt. This can

Mar 06, 2013 Read More

Car vs. pedestrian accident in New Jersey results in pedestrian getting injured

Pedestrians can suffer significant harm when they are struck by motor vehicles. Such accidents can cause pedestrians to

Feb 28, 2013 Read More

Slip-and-fall lawsuit brought against hotel

Slipping hazards at hotels can cause a great deal of harm. Such hazards can result in hotel patrons/visitors

Feb 21, 2013 Read More

Two drivers injured, unborn child dies in New Jersey car accident

Head-on auto accidents can be a very serious type of motor vehicle accident. Such accidents can involve violent

Feb 13, 2013 Read More
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