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Rutgers graduate killed after being struck by a vehicle

Take a quick glance at news headlines across the state of New Jersey and its easy to see that driving under the influence of alcohol is in a disturbing uptrend. Its common knowledge that driving while intoxicated is one of the most dangerous things a person can do, yet so many continue to do it. Those that drive drunk not only endanger their lives, but the lives of all others around them. Not long ago, a pedestrian was killed in Elizabeth when he was struck by a vehicle driven by a drunk driver.

Man arrested in alleged hit-and-run pedestrian accident

In the state of New Jersey and across the United States, there are specific laws that exist to protect those that travel on foot. Things such as crosswalks, traffic signals and special infrastructure were designed to keep pedestrians safe as they travel adjacent to crowded roadways. Unfortunately, due to the number of pedestrians and vehicles in close proximity, accidents are bound to happen. When a driver flees the scene of a pedestrian accident, he or she could be facing serious charges.

Jersey City police chase ends in deadly pedestrian accident

Going for a walk along New Jersey city streets can be very risky these days. Accidents involving pedestrians are happening more and more as populations increase across the state. Although walking is a popular form of recreation for New Jersey citizens, many also use walking as a main source of transportation. To avoid a pedestrian accident, those traveling on foot should always be aware of their surroundings and be prepared for anything they may experience. 

Woman killed in recent pedestrian accident

In crowded New Jersey cities these days, many commuters choose walking over driving. Not only is walking a great way to save money, but it is also very healthy. Also, traffic jams and congested roadways can be avoided by walking instead of driving. Unfortunately, walking along congested city streets is often fraught with risk. Recent statistics say that pedestrian accidents are on the rise across the state.

Two teenagers killed in pedestrian accident

These days, just going out for a stroll can be a dangerous activity. The chances of accidents occurring increase drastically as roads become more crowded and congested in the state of New Jersey. The constant flow of traffic on today's roadways can present dangers to both pedestrians and drivers. With vehicles and pedestrians in such close proximity, accidents are almost inevitable. Recently, a pedestrian accident in Jersey City left two teenage boys dead and a community in mourning.

Pedestrian critically injured after being struck by a vehicle

For many New Jersey residents, walking is not only an economical source of transportation, but also very healthy and a great way to stay in shape. These days, pedestrians face many dangers that are lurking on and around crowded roadways. Drivers are subjected to an abundance of distractions that can take focus off of the road. Distracted and/or impaired drivers endanger the lives of all those around them, especially pedestrians. According to recent statistics, a pedestrian dies as a result of being struck by a vehicle every 1.6 hours.

Dump truck driver arrested in fatal pedestrian accident

For many New Jersey citizens, walking and biking are great sources of recreation and also a more economical means of transportation. As roadways become more and more crowded across the state, greater numbers of pedestrians and bicyclists are sharing crowded streets with motorists. Although vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians often share these roadways without incident, there will always be a risk for accidents. Because pedestrians and bicyclists are fully exposed to the elements, any pedestrian accident can easily be fatal. Recently, an accident in Riverdale left a bicyclist dead and a motorist behind bars.

Motorist charged in pedestrian accident that left man injured

With New Jersey cities thriving these days, vehicles and pedestrians are often in very close proximity. Walking along crowded roadways can be very risky, and with populations steadily increasing, more and more pedestrians are put in harm's way. A recent pedestrian accident in Newton left one person injured a motorist facing charges.

Pedestrian accident claims the life of New Jersey man

Like driving, walking along roadways these days can be a risky endeavour. In crowded New Jersey cities, walking is a main source of transportation for a lot of people. As populations increase, more and more pedestrians are put in harm's way as they attempt to navigate busy streets. With so many pedestrians and vehicles in the same vicinity, accidents are almost inevitable. One such pedestrian accident recently claimed the life of a Passaic man.

Distracted driving puts pedestrians in danger

Every driver in New Jersey should understand the dangers of driving and texting. Texting is among the most distracting behaviors in which a person can engage behind the wheel, as it engages a person’s hands, eyes and attention. Still, we see people all across the state using their phones while driving.

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