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truck tipped over in ditch If you’ve been injured, missed work or suffered other losses as the result of a truck-related crash in Northern New Jersey, we can help. Protect your rights and seek the compensation you deserve with the help of the experienced truck accident attorneys at Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman.

Why You Need A Truck Accident Attorney

The complexity of accident situations makes it difficult to have a positive outcome unless you have professional help. Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman has more than 95 years of combined experienced in matters ranging from trip-and-fall cases to medical malpractice. We know how devastating it is to suffer a serious injury that causes untold pain and suffering and forces you to miss out on school, work and important personal events. Our commitment to early investigation and a thorough approach to document collection and review, interviews and case evaluation makes positive outcomes much more likely.

Types Of Truck Accident Claims

From head-on collisions to unsafe lane changes to negligence related to load shifts or driver fatigue, there are many kinds of truck accidents, and they all represent a potential claim. Whether you’re a motorist injured in a crash or a pedestrian or bicyclist who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, we can help.

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It all starts with our team asking the right questions:

  • Is the truck driver an independent operator or employed by a commercial trucking company?
  • What type of insurance coverage is in place?
  • Was there a load in place or was the driver on his own time?
  • How many hours had the driver been working and were those hours properly logged?
  • How was the cargo secured?

Investigation in New Jersey Truck Accident Cases

Many questions arise in trucking accident cases. We have extensive experience in these cases and can answer these important questions:

  • Was the truck driver an independent operator or was the truck owned and operated by a commercial trucking company? (This can impact available insurance coverage.)
  • Was the truck driver hauling a load for a carrier or on his own time (bob-tailing)? (This also affects insurance coverage)
  • Was the driver fatigued due to overhours driving, and did the driver keep two sets of books to disguise this practice?
  • Was the cargo loaded and secured properly?
  • If you are a truck driver who was injured in an accident, are you eligible for workers’ compensation? Can you also file a third-party claim against the responsible party?

Jersey City is a busy thoroughfare for truckers bringing loads from the port in Newark and across the Hudson River, to and from New England via Route 95, and fanning out to points west and south. Out-of-state truckers are commonly present on our highways — presenting challenges when it comes to identifying and collecting on available insurance coverage. We have vast experience in dealing with these complex insurance issues in New Jersey truck accident claims and litigation.

The Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman Difference

Our incredible service and dedication to our clients starts with a complimentary consultation. We’ll listen to your story, evaluate your case and advise as to how you should proceed. The best part? If you don’t recover any damages, we don’t take a fee.

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The only way to understand your options fully is to schedule a free consultation with Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman. We offer weekend and evening appointments to fit your schedule, and we’ll come to your Northern New Jersey home or hospital room—whatever is most convenient for you. Call us today at (201) 798-2711.

Free Consultation. No Fee If No Recovery. 
Evening or weekend appointments 
and home or hospital visits can be
arranged throughout Northern New Jersey. 
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Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman accepts truck accident and other motor vehicle accident cases throughout Northern New Jersey, including those on the New Jersey Turnpike or Garden State Parkway, Route 1, Route 3, Route 4, Route 9, Route 17, Route 46, Route 78, Route 80, Route 95, Route 280 and Route 287, or in the Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel or George Washington Bridge.

Free Consultation. No Fee If No Recovery.

Evening or weekend appointments and home or hospital visits can be arranged throughout Northern New Jersey.

Give us a call; we’re here for you.

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