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Woman files premises liability claim after fall results in injury

Property owners and business owners in New Jersey have a duty to keep their premises and establishments free of hazards and safe for visitors. Such things as substances left on the floor from cleaning or neglecting to maintain the property can cause significant injury to visitors. As populations rise, it seems that accidents due to property negligence are becoming more and more common across the country. Business and property owners can be held accountable when injuries occur due to negligence. Recently, a woman in another state filed a premises liability lawsuit after she was allegedly injured due to unsafe conditions on a property she was visiting.

According to the lawsuit, the woman was visiting a home furnishings store in another state. The woman claims she tripped and fell as she was walking through the parking lot. She allegedly suffered bodily injury as a result of the fall.

Distracted driving puts pedestrians in danger

Every driver in New Jersey should understand the dangers of driving and texting. Texting is among the most distracting behaviors in which a person can engage behind the wheel, as it engages a person’s hands, eyes and attention. Still, we see people all across the state using their phones while driving.

Despite all information to the contrary, countless motorists continue to believe they can multitask safely. They think if they hold the phone higher up or look down for just a couple seconds, they can surely use their phone and drive at the same time. Too often, it takes a catastrophic accident to get the message across that they cannot.

The do's and don'ts of hit-and-runs

No matter what, being involved in a motor vehicle accident is no fun. Regardless of who is at fault, there is the stress and tedium of dealing with all the details in the aftermath, even when no one is seriously injured. You pull over to the shoulder, assess the damage, exchange insurance information and perhaps even call the police.

What happens, though, if you're the victim of a hit and run accident? How much does this change the way you react? What should you do?

Having an insurance plan for those who may not carry their own

Serious motor vehicle accidents have a way of disrupting a person's life, even if only temporarily. Along with the potential of causing a great deal of physical and/or emotional pain, there are often financial ramifications following a collision that can be just as challenging to overcome.

You might be thinking that the insurance company of the party at fault may cover your expenses, but what happens if they don't have insurance, or their coverage amounts are insufficient? If you do not have an insurance plan that will cover your needs, you could be facing a potential disaster.

Maximum sentence for former cop in fatal DUI crash

No one should be above the law when it comes to fatal car accidents involving alcohol. A former New Jersey police officer responsible for the death of two people in a fatal drunk driving accident is one example of how status cannot and should not protect you from the repercussions of negligent behavior.

In 2015, former cop, Pedro Abad Jr., made a decision that took the lives of two passengers in the car; one of them was also a Linden police officer. Sources say Abad was driving in the wrong direction on the West Shore Expressway when he crashed head-on into a semi truck. Reportedly, he did not even apply the brakes before the accident occurred.

You might not be as safe as you think on someone else's property

If you are anything like most residents of Jersey City, you lead a busy life. Chances are your job, your family and your social life keep you coming and going all the time. It is easy to lose your focus on safety and suffer an accident on someone else's public or private property. However, even if you remain cautious, you can still suffer premises accident injuries.

Think about it this way: If you lead a busy life, so do many others in New Jersey. As such, property owners may also let their focus on safety fall to the wayside. This could result in issues that lead to dangerous property conditions, accidents and mild to severe injuries.

Can self-driving cars reduce pedestrian accidents?

What once seemed like pure science fiction is now closer to reality than ever before. Self-driving or autonomous vehicles are currently a subject of international scrutiny, with engineers making new strides almost every day. What would the world be like if cars could drive themselves? Would it be a safer place for all, including pedestrians, or would trusting in technology prove to be disastrous?

An assistant professor from the West Coast believes that pedestrians will be pretty safe if or when autonomous cars become widespread. In fact, this scholar believes that pedestrians might "run rampant" in a world filled with self-driving vehicles. After all, if people on foot trust that they are safe from pedestrian accidents, they might be free to behave however they like when walking Jersey City's streets.

Helping you avoid motorcycle accidents while group riding

With summer in the air, getting together for a group ride with your cycling friends sounds like a great idea. However, riding as a group is not as smooth or easy as it may seem to be. It takes even more vigilance and caution than usual to remain in a group and still be safe from motorcycle accidents.

All motorcyclists in the Jersey City area will benefit from some tried and true safety tips for group riding. This is so for the novice group rider and the seasoned group rider as well. Our attorneys have gathered a few of these tips to help you avoid motorcycle accidents on New Jersey roadways.

You can fight for compensation after a slip-and-fall accident

You love swimming, especially when temperatures soar in the summer. The problem is that so many of the pools you've been to don't seem very safe. Some don't have lifeguards, and others have slick areas around the pools. What happens if you fall or get hurt at these facilities?

Depending on the owner's actions, you may be able to file a lawsuit if you slip and fall at a pool. The owner should take steps to help avoid accidents. Some of the things that he or she should do include ensuring that there are working drains and pool covers. Why is that important? A properly working drain helps keep the floors dry, preventing slick tiles. Pool covers keep the water covered up, so even if a child or you fall onto it, you are unlikely to come into contact with the pool itself.

What is the Uninsured Employers Fund?

You were hurt on the job, so you went to your employer to file a claim for workers' compensation. Not long after that, you discovered that your claim would never go through; your employer didn't have coverage.

It's against the law not to have workers' compensation insurance for employees in most cases. As an injured person, you may now think you're out of luck, but fortunately, that's not the case. The Uninsured Employers Fund was established to help people like yourself.

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