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New Jersey man faces up to 30 years for death of motorcyclist

A motorcycle accident is more likely to result in injuries or a death than a passenger vehicle accident, but that's only if you are hit. Drivers need to be aware of motorcyclists and follow the rules of the road. When they don't, people's lives can be at stake.

A man in New Jersey has been indicted for the death of a man from New Hampshire. A Dec. 12 article reports that a grand jury has indicted the New Jersey man on manslaughter charges for the death of the 43-year-old man who he hit in a motorcycle accident. The 53-year-old man is accused of being under the influence at the time of the accident. The indictment claims that his blood alcohol content was .08.

Slipping and falling in winter: Your rights in New Jersey

The winter months are here, and that means there's going to be ice and snow all around you. Most stores and communities take the time and effort to clear roads, lay down salt, and make sure clients know if an icy patch hasn't yet dissolved. These things all help you avoid being injured and hurting yourself; even a simple fall can lead to serious, life-long injuries or death.

After you slip and fall on ice, you may be asking yourself what to do next. Is the company you were shopping at liable? Is your neighbor responsible for failing to de-ice the stairs you had to walk on? Were the roads icy, causing you to slip in a crosswalk and get injured, and if so, is the city liable? There are many situations that can result in you suffering, and in most of them, you should be able to seek compensation for those injuries.

Pedestrian accidents: Drivers getting away without punishment

If you've been in a pedestrian accident or know someone else who has been, then you may know how horrible it feels when the negligent driver gets away without being punished. This Dec. 3 report discusses how as many as 260 people are expected to die on the roads in New York City, but many of the drivers involved will not be prosecuted. Although this takes place in a city a good distance from New Jersey, a similar situation could take place in your state, too.

Imagine being in a situation where the person who hit you wasn't being prosecuted; the pain and suffering caused would go without justice. In this news story, one woman who lost her 4-year-old child spoke about how the teen who struck her little one had been treated leniently, even being able to be free on bail. This was despite the fact that he had tried to flee and had backed up at the scene, causing the girl and her grandmother to be pinned to metal grating.

Is there a special day recognizing New Jersey road dangers?

Did you know that there is actually a day in October that focuses on bringing attention to the dangers of driving on New Jersey roadways? Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day happens in October each year, and it was on Oct. 10 in 2014. This day is a strong reminder to the local community about the dangers of driving and how to stay safe on the roads, although the information provided is good to remember all year long.

Motor vehicle accidents claim over 550 lives of those living in New Jersey each year. This national program aims to draw attention to the facts about these accidents and what you can do to prevent accidents on the roads, whether you're a pedestrian, motorcyclist, bicyclist or other kind of driver. On the day of the event, those in New Jersey are asked to be particularly careful, but if everyone was this careful every day, then there could be fewer accidents over the course of a year.

Pedestrian struck by vehicle stuck in windshield in New Jersey

This hit-and-run-related incident is one that is a little out of the ordinary. According to a report from Nov. 14, a man from New Jersey struck a pedestrian as he was driving. At that time, the man didn't stop, and he continued driving with the pedestrian's body stuck in the car's windshield. News reports claim that the man traveled a mile before he was stopped by police.

The pedestrian who was struck by the driver, a 61-year-old man, had to be airlifted to a hospital for care due to the severity of his injuries. The driver, a 33-year-old man from Little Egg Harbor, struck the man a little before 7:00 p.m. on Route 9, and police reported that he was intoxicated at the time.

Negligence and a ceiling collapse: Your rights in New Jersey

Imagine being at your favorite grocery or clothing store in New Jersey. You're enjoying a day out, but then suddenly you feel something hit you. If that something is a ceiling panel or part of the business's roofing, you could face a serious injury or head trauma that takes time to recover from.

All buildings are going to go through stages of ill repair. Sometimes weather causes sudden damage that needs to be addressed, or a burst pipe causes a ceiling to collapse. Unfortunately, these problems can cause people to be harmed. It's the owner of the premises' duty to repair any damage that could cause the building to collapse.

Fatal workplace accident in New Jersey kills 1

Construction sites are often dangerous for the workers there, but even those visiting the site for a short drop off or delivery can be put at risk when they enter. In this unique case, a freak accident has resulted in a death that should have been preventable with the right precautions.

A man recently died at a construction site in Downtown Jersey City, leading to an investigation of the site. A Nov. 3 report states that the officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has confirmed that they have sent investigators to the scene to see why the man had been killed and how this kind of accident could be prevented in the future.

Negligence in the workplace and your injury in New Jersey

As someone who has suffered from a construction accident in the workplace, you may be wondering what kind of legal claims you can make against the negligent party. It's important to know that any claim you make can be affected by the workers' compensation laws. You will also be affected by the extent to which your employer is responsible for your injuries.

Here are some things you should receive, thanks to workers' compensation laws. First of all, your medical care should be covered as long as it's reasonable. Under workers' compensation benefits, you may have to use the company doctor for up to 30 days, but you do have a right to all reasonable necessary treatments. After 30 days, you may ask to have a different doctor.

How do you make a claim with a New Jersey car insurance company?

When you are involved in a car accident, there are several things you need to do to make a claim for compensation. Here's a few of the things you should do right away following an accident.

First, make sure you call your car insurance agent. If you can, call before you go to the doctor or head home. If you're injured or unable to contact the agent, speak with them at your earliest convenience. You also need to understand your insurance coverage, so make sure you know what part of your coverage is going to be in effect before you call. You may not be covered in some instances if you caused an accident that falls under the "exclusions" policy.

Sidewalk safety and your rights in New Jersey

Sidewalks can be helpful for many reasons; they provide a place for pedestrians to walk off the streets, make paths for bicyclists and are safer for kids walking home from school. Unfortunately, if they aren't maintained, then slipping, tripping or falling on the sidewalk can cause serious harm to pedestrians. A broken or uneven sidewalk should be repaired. If it's not and causes you an injury, you may have a case.

There are several situations where you may be injured on a sidewalk. Maybe the surface was uneven, causing you to trip and fall. Maybe it was cold outside with snow and ice, and the person responsible for the walkway didn't take the time to clear it. You could have been riding your bike when dangerous cracks or holes in the sidewalk caused you to have a crash.


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