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Injuries from alleged fall lead to premises liability claim

The majority of accidents are unpreventable and definitely unexpected. However, some accidents can be prevented just by taking a few basic precautions. Most businesses and establishments in the state of New Jersey are safe and inviting. Unfortunately, there will always be property owners that fail to take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents from occurring to visitors and patrons. What can be done when visitors and patrons suffer injury due to neglect and unsafe conditions on a property?

A woman in another state has filed a premises liability claim after she allegedly fell in the parking lot of a popular restaurant chain. The woman claims she fell and suffered injuries due to an almost unnoticeable step down from the sidewalk to the parking lot. There were no warnings of the elevation change and the alleged hazard was very subtle and not out in the open, the lawsuit claims.

Motorist charged in pedestrian accident that left man injured

With New Jersey cities thriving these days, vehicles and pedestrians are often in very close proximity. Walking along crowded roadways can be very risky, and with populations steadily increasing, more and more pedestrians are put in harm's way. A recent pedestrian accident in Newton left one person injured a motorist facing charges.

The accident happened during the afternoon hours at a busy intersection in Newton. Reports report that a Honda Civic was making a right turn at the intersection and struck a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Police say the driver of the Honda failed to see the pedestrian.

Driving under the influence leads to serious car accidents

Accidents seem to be happening more and more due to the increased volume of traffic on roadways these days. Unfortunately, thousands of people are involved in automobile accidents each year. Navigating crowded roadways can be one of the most dangerous tasks in the daily lives of New Jersey citizens. Even minor accidents like fender benders can cause unwanted stress to those affected. Car accidents can be very traumatic experiences, but when alcohol is involved, the stress and trauma of the experience are magnified.

A recent accident in Millburn left two people injured and one man in handcuffs. According to police, a patrol officer allegedly witnessed the driver of a Dodge Caravan fail to maintain a lane and attempted to stop the van. Reports say the driver of the van neglected to stop and crashed into a Ford Explorer.

Is workplace violence really something to be concerned about?

Yes. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, somewhere in the neighborhood of two million people across the country, most likely including many here in New Jersey as well, suffer injuries at the hands of their co-workers, customers, clients or visitors. You may expect to hear about workplace violence when it comes to police officers and corrections officers, but the potential for violence exists in every industry.

Postal workers in decades past never would have thought that the prevalence of violence in their workplaces would coin a new phrase -- "going postal." Because the media outlets only tend to cover large, shocking and horrifying instances of workplace violence, you may be like most people who don't think this is really anything to worry about in your place of work. Unfortunately, that may not be the case.

Alleged injuries in restaurant lead to premises liability claim

Property and business owners in New Jersey and across the country have a duty to keep their properties and establishments safe for all visitors. Failure to adequately maintain property and eliminate hazards can create an unsafe environment that may contribute to injuries to those lawfully on the property. Such things as inadequate lighting, water leaks and tools left lying on the floor from routine maintenance are just a few examples of potentially dangerous hazards. A woman in another state was allegedly injured due to unsafe conditions when visiting a popular restaurant, and she has filed a premises liability claim.

The plaintiff was visiting the restaurant and made a trip to the restroom, the lawsuit says. The restroom is located near the bar and kitchen area of the restaurant. The plaintiff claims that as she was leaving the restroom she encountered hazards that caused her to be injured.

Child receives $40,000 from dog bite injury claim

Most dogs in the state of New Jersey are friendly and lovable animals with responsible owners. However, some dogs can be aggressive, hostile and may lash out or attack when approached. Even dogs that have been trained or seem harmless can issue a painful bite or attack without warning. Dog bites can cause permanent and serious physical injuries as well as psychological trauma. Recently, a child in another state received a $40,000 settlement from a lawsuit after suffering a dog bite injury.

The victim in the attack was only 3 years old at the time of the incident. The girl's father submitted the legal claim on her behalf. According to the lawsuit, the girl was bitten in the face by a dog and suffered injuries to the left side of her face and her left eyelid. The lacerations extended all the way up to her hairline, the lawsuit claimed.

Pedestrian accident claims the life of New Jersey man

Like driving, walking along roadways these days can be a risky endeavour. In crowded New Jersey cities, walking is a main source of transportation for a lot of people. As populations increase, more and more pedestrians are put in harm's way as they attempt to navigate busy streets. With so many pedestrians and vehicles in the same vicinity, accidents are almost inevitable. One such pedestrian accident recently claimed the life of a Passaic man.

The accident occurred during the morning hours on a busy street in Wayne. According to accident reports, the pedestrian was struck by a Ford van while attempting to cross the road in a crosswalk. The pedestrian sustained critical injuries and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Motorcycle accident claims life of New Jersey man

Unlike automobile drivers, motorcyclists are more exposed to the elements. Hazards and dangers typical of  modern New Jersey roadways can pose great threats to motorcyclists. Motorcycles are more difficult to see than most vehicles, which only increases the odds of an accident. Because motorcyclists are so exposed, accidents involving motorcycles typically prove to be fatal. Sadly, this was the case in a recent motorcycle accident that claimed the life of a Bridgewater man.

The accident occurred during the afternoon hours on a busy Bridgewater highway. According to reports, a Honda civic was traveling east when the driver crossed the center line and collided with the motorcyclist. Accident reports say that the motorcyclist then struck another car that was traveling directly behind him.

How patients can guard against medical errors

Even though medical errors are not an official causes of death for death certificates, recent studies have shown that medical errors are the third leading causes of death in the United States. Medical errors are defined as an unintentional act or an action that does not result in the desired outcome. Error of execution, error of planning, and deviation from the proper care process are all considered medical errors.

Due to the prevalence of medical errors in our health care systems, all patients should take steps to help prevent medical errors. Here are a few tips that you can use to guard against medical errors.

Having an insurance plan that will cover your needs

Serious motor vehicle accidents have a way of disrupting a person's life, even if only temporarily. Along with the potential of causing a great deal of physical and/or emotional pain, there are often financial ramifications following a collision that can be just as challenging to overcome.

You might be thinking that the insurance company of the party at fault may cover your expenses, but what happens if they don't have insurance, or their coverage amounts are insufficient? If you do not have an insurance plan that will cover your needs, you could be facing a potential disaster.

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