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Why do motorcyclists get into accidents?

You love heading out on your motorcycle, because it feels like you're closer to nature. There's little better than the adrenaline of the speed you travel on a highway or through a mountain pass. Even though it's an enjoyable moment for you now, there are risks to riding a motorcycle.

Motorcyclists face additional risks when they're on the roads. They're 26 times more likely to die in a crash than those who are in passenger vehicles, for instance. They are also five times more likely to be injured in a crash than those in larger vehicles.

The risks associated with providing care to others

Health care workers are some of the most important and most undervalued employees. Choosing to work as a doctor, nurse or other type of care provider means committing to long hours and high-stress situations, all in order to provide care and healing to others. Workers in these environments, particularly hospital employees, often face higher risks of injury or illness than those in other industries.

Pedestrian accidents on the rise due to various factors

Data reviewing pedestrian accidents in 2015 has showed a major surge in injuries compared to 2014. According to the data, pedestrian deaths rose by around 10 percent in that year.

What makes pedestrian deaths rise? One reason is because of a better economy. A better economy means people have more money to spend, and that means more cars are on the road. Gas prices dropped, making it more affordable to travel. On top of that, more people are on the roads than in the past.

What are the traffic rules in a parking lot?

Parking lot accidents often don't get reported because they tend not to cause much damage and rarely result in injuries. However, there are times when cars are damaged beyond repair, pedestrians are hit and injured or passengers or drivers feel the sting of an impact.

Who's to blame in a parking lot accident? That can sometimes be a difficult question to answer. Fortunately, there is a relatively straightforward way to know who's at fault.

What you should know about cold stress in the workplace

Cold stress is a major concern in the spring, fall and winter or when people work in cold environments year-round. It's vital that employers take the risk of cold exposure seriously and help prevent workplace accidents resulting from exposure. How? By training employees to be safe in these environments.

How cold is too cold to work?

What are some motorcycle accident facts to know?

Motorcycle accidents are tragic and violent. Riders have little to not protection against other vehicles, the friction of the road or impacts. They face serious injuries and life-threatening conditions after a collision. What's worse is that many accidents could be avoided if drivers were more cautious or looked for motorcyclists on the roads.

How many people die in motorcycle crashes each year?

Motorcycle accidents: How you can help prevent injuries

Motorcyclists are at risk on the roads, no matter how careful they are. More than half of all motorcycle accidents take place at intersections. Over two-thirds of these accidents took place because the driver did not see the motorcyclist. It's particularly dangerous to ride in the winter months, when drivers assume that motorcycles have been put away for the winter.

There are some ways to help protect yourself against injuries while riding a motorcycle, even though you may still be at a risk of a crash. First, make sure you take a motorcycle training course. These courses help you learn how to avoid crashes and provide you with techniques to mitigate the damage to yourself or vehicle if an accident seems unavoidable.

Things you can to do prevent winter driving accidents

It is still that time of year when New Jersey residents have to worry about poor road conditions due to bad weather. Winter driving accidents occur far too frequently and numerous people are injured or lose their lives as a result.

Struck by a hit-and-run driver? You can make a claim

Leaving the scene of an accident results in what is called a "hit-and-run." A hit-and-run driver can be prosecuted, even if he or she was not at fault for a collision. The exception to this rule is if the driver leaves the scene of the accident temporarily to seek out help.

The penalty for leaving the scene of an accident varies, but it could be a misdemeanor or felony depending on where it takes place. In New Jersey, a person can be found guilty of a hit-and-run crash if the person was driving and involved in the accident, knew he or she was in the accident, left the scene knowingly and unlawfully and caused harm to another person.

Alleged DUI driver arrested after fatal pedestrian accident

Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal for good reason. It makes it hard for a driver to pay attention to the road or to make quick decisions. The person's driving abilities may be influenced, and he or she may weave or make impulsive moves that put others in danger.

In a sad case out of New Jersey, an intoxicated driver was arrested by police after causing a fatal pedestrian accident in Van Buren. According to the news from Jan. 12, the man was arrested following the fatal accident and had stayed at the scene.

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