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18-year-old man killed in hit-and-run accident in New Jersey

If you're a pedestrian who is walking near the roadways, you're always at risk of being in an accident with a dangerous driver. If an accident takes place on the roads, a car could come onto the sidewalk. If you're crossing in a crosswalk, a speeding driver could fail to stop and then strike you. There are a multitude of scenarios that could lead to your injury or death; many of which take place on the roads each day.

When these things happen, it's your right to speak with your attorney and make a claim for compensation. You were an innocent bystander who was involved in this collision, even though you did nothing wrong. Making a claim is what may happen in this case when the man's family gets involved following his wrongful death.

Don't let a negligent property owner get away without liability

Slip-and-fall accidents can be some of the most dangerous, because you can hit your head, land wrong and hurt your back or break bones. Dangerous conditions usually lead to these kinds of injuries. If you're on a property that has been left in a negligent state, then the person responsible for your injuries may be the property owner.

Take, for instance, a situation where an entrance has no carpeting, but there are puddles and slick areas that you must walk through to get into the store. If you slip and fall, you may be able to make a claim for your injuries. Why? There were no precautions taken to make sure you wouldn't fall and hurt yourself.

You can seek workers' compensation in New Jersey

Getting hurt at work isn't something anyone wants to have happen. It means you lose wages from time you have to take off, and on top of that, you're in pain. The financial, physical, and mental strain of an injury can be overwhelming, but if you're hurt at work, don't forget that you could be entitled to workers' compensation. This compensation should cover your medical bills and time off, so you can relax and recover.

Injuries are a way of life in the construction world. In heavy and civil engineering construction, 5.6 cases of injury were reported in New Jersey. That's just one of many kinds of construction, and those other areas of the industry accounted for many more lost days of work and cases of injuries to employees.

Driver leaves 70-year-old pedestrian hit on road

If someone is involved in an accident, the hope is that they'll stop driving, stay at the scene and help. If you've been in a pedestrian accident where you were hurt, then that person staying could have meant the difference between being able to call for help or waiting for someone else to find you. By law, drivers are meant to stay if they are involved in an accident, if for no other reason than to make sure that everyone is okay.

Regardless of the situation, as a pedestrian hurt by a negligent driver, you have the right to seek compensation with the help of your attorney, which can help you get the medical care you need. If the driver decides to flee the scene, charges could be placed by authorities, and you'll have the ability to file a civil lawsuit. If you've lost someone in an accident like this one, then you may be able to be compensated for the cost of a funeral or medical bills.

What legal obligations do property owners face for injuries

As someone who has been hurt on someone else's property, you're probably unsure of how to proceed. Do you have a claim? What can an attorney do for you in this circumstance?

It's important to know that property owners have a legal duty to prevent injury if and when they can. There are three kinds of people that can be on a property, and each one is owed a different kind of legal duty. For example, if you're an invitee, then the property owner should present you with the highest degree of care. The facility should be safe, and you should be at no risk of harm.

Pedestrian safety can be improved with these driving tips

Pedestrian safety is always a concern; you don't have protection against the impact of a vehicle, and even a minor crash can cause you serious injuries. If you're working with an attorney to seek compensation for the injuries you've suffered in a recent accident, then some of this information may be helpful to you.

Were you aware that motorists have to stop for you if you're in a crosswalk? If there is a safety island, the other side of traffic doesn't have to stop for you, though, so be cautious. Interestingly, it doesn't matter if the crosswalk at an intersection is marked or not; if it's not marked, it's still there, it's just known as an unmarked crosswalk.

Car accident facts: Quick facts about accidents in America

Once every 14 seconds, someone is hurt in a car accident in the United States. If you've been in a crash, you, too, are part of that statistic. Following a crash, you may have to work with an attorney to make a claim, so you can get the compensation needed to pay for your medical bills and lost wages.

There are some other interesting facts about car accidents you may not know. For instance, were you aware that if you talk on a cellphone while you drive, your risk of an accident goes up by 400 percent? This is likely because those who are on their cellphones aren't necessarily paying attention to the road, and they aren't using both hands on the wheel. This means the wheel could be jerked out of their hands if a bump or pothole is struck.

What is chronic beryllium disease?

Beryllium, which is a material used in some dental offices, is not generally dangerous if it's handled correctly. However, exposure over time can lead to something called Chronic Beryllium Disease. This disease is caused by working with dental alloys containing the element. Workers who are exposed, like dental laboratory technicians, are particularly at risk for this disease.

If you're suffering from this disease and considering filing a case with the help of your attorney, you should know that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration does have permissible exposure limits for working with beryllium. If those limits were not met, then it's possible that you may have a case against your employer as well as for workers' compensation.

Mode of operation doctrine not expanded for fast-food restaurants

Premises liability laws are in place to help you if you're hurt due to someone else's property being in poor repair. For example, if you are eating out at a restaurant and trip on flooring that has come loose, any injuries you suffer should be the responsibility of the restaurant owner. If you chose to seek compensation after an injury, then your attorney would file the claim against that facility for premises liability.

The New Jersey Supreme Court has recently made a decision that will not help those who want to seek to prove premises liability claims; the court decided not to expand the Mode of Operation doctrine. This doctrine gets rid of the necessity for an injured party to prove notice of an unsafe condition when the business's operations create the hazard. In the case reported, a woman claimed she had slipped and fallen on grease mixed with water at a local Kentucky Fried Chicken. She was initially awarded damages of $138,643, but an appellate court reversed that award, stating that the judge in the original case shouldn't have suggested the mode of operation charge to the jury.

You can make a claim for parking-lot crashes

Getting struck by a car in a parking lot can be a cause of stress in a multitude of ways. You may have injuries that need to be treated, or you could be concerned about the damage to your vehicle. Worst of all, you may not know if the other party can be held liable, since many parking lots can be complicated and the person at fault may not be easy to identify.

When you get into an accident in a parking lot, stay calm. You first need to take care of yourself and family. If you're hurt after the car crash, make sure you get the treatment you need before you worry about your vehicle or other issues. Call 911 and speak to a dispatcher about calling police and an ambulance to the scene if necessary.

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