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What you can do if you're hit by an uninsured driver

When you get into an accident with another driver and that driver is at fault, you expect him or her to pay for the damages to your vehicle and for your medical bills and lost wages. You're suffering the impact of that driver's negligence, so there's no reason you should have to pay for that mistake financially as well.

While most drivers will have insurance at average levels, some may have inadequate insurance or none at all. If you find out that the person who hit you doesn't have insurance or is under-insured, you may think you're going to have to pay out for your medical care and eat the costs of your lost time at work. That may not be the case, though.

Local and state governments: Sovereign immunity may not apply

One of the hardest entities to hold liable for injuries or damages to your property is the government. However, it is possible to file a premises liability claim against the government and to be compensated for losses.

One of the most common situations is when a person is injured by a defect on a sidewalk or on the road. For instance, if you trip over uneven walkways on public property and break your wrist, then the government would be the liable party. If you wreck your vehicle because the roads had large potholes, then the local government may be liable for the damage to your vehicle.

Ways to stay safe as a pedestrian in New Jersey

To stay safe as a pedestrian, you should know the laws of the roads and how the state protects you. In New Jersey, motorists must stop and stay stopped if they see you or others in a crosswalk. They may not continue on until after you have passed through the entire crosswalk, making it safer for you to cross without the risk of a car bumping you or hitting you because of an impatient driver.

If a driver doesn't observe this law, the driver can be given a traffic violation. The driver receives two points on his or her license, must participate in community service in some circumstances, may have to pay a fine or could have to pay higher insurance fees.

Drivers admit to distracted driving but still do not pay attention

Most drivers know that behaviors such as drunk driving, speeding, or using a cell phone while navigating the roadways are dangerous, yet many persist in doing them, mistakenly believing them to be socially acceptable. According to the New York Times, fatal car accidents are on the rise after years of decline, largely because of distracted driving. The number of road-related deaths in 2015 was 8 percent higher than the previous year. In surveys, Americans admitted not only to talking and texting but also using social media and even taking selfies behind the wheel.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reported similar findings in its 2015 Traffic Safety Culture Index. In a survey, drivers were asked to indicate how often they engaged in dangerous behaviors and whether they thought it was acceptable to do so. The general consensus seemed to be a "do as I say, not as I do" attitude toward distracted or careless driving.

Motorcyclist killed in rear-end collision

Motorcycle accidents can take place at any time and anywhere, but they're most commonly caused by dangerous drivers who simply aren't paying attention. Texting, driving while intoxicated, or driving recklessly are all potentially dangerous to motorcyclists and other drivers.

When you're hurt by someone who is driving recklessly, you can seek a claim against them. If you lose a loved one in a fatal accident, you can file a wrongful death claim for your loss.

What do you do if your workers' compensation claim is denied?

When you get hurt at work, the last thing you want to have to deal with is a dispute with your boss over the amount of compensation you should receive or if your injury should be covered by workplace insurance at all. Workers' compensation is designed to help you when you're hurt, and your employer should be willing to help you file your claim for compensation as long as your injury took place on the job.

Sometimes, there could be issues with the compensability of your claim. For instance, if you were on your way to work when you were hit, does that count under workers' compensation? If you got sick at work, was that illness caused by work, stress on the job or hazards you were exposed to? If it's a complicated situation, the claim may be debated and even denied completely.

Child hit by vehicle left behind by driver to fend for himself

If someone hits a child while driving, the last thing you'd expect is for them to continue driving without stopping. A hit-and-run involving your child is traumatic enough for your little one, let alone for the rest of your family, when you can't locate the driver. When you are able to file a claim, noting that the driver fled can become an important part of the claim for damages.

A May 16 report discusses this exact issue, as a 12-year-old boy from Ridgewood was hit and left stranded on the road. When the driver left the scene, he was forcied to make his own way home with hiss injuries. The little boy reported that he was hit by an SUV while he was on his bike, and he knows that the driver was aware of hitting him because she stopped her vehicle.

You can file a claim after you suffer a slip-and-fall injury

One common personal injury lawsuit stems from slipping and falling. When you slip and fall, you may hit your head, break bones, or suffer strains or sprains. While many slip-and-fall accidents take place in the winter months, it's not uncommon for people to slip and fall in the summer, spring, or fall. Sometimes wet, rainy days may conditions slick, and other times it's dangerous construction areas or other hazards that result in tripping.

Usually, the person who owns or possesses the land is the one who will be held liable for any injuries you suffer. Normally, that person is going to have to take legal responsibility for your injuries and pay the medical bills and other damages you've suffered because of the accident.

3 hurt in multi-vehicle accident in New Jersey

Car accidents can happen suddenly, putting you and others in your vehicle at risk of injury. When another person's negligence is responsible for your pain and suffering, you may want to consider filing a claim for compensation that can help you pay down medical bills, replace your vehicle, and care for your family by replacing lost wages.

Your claim will likely be against the person's insurance coverage, which allows you to negotiate for a settlement or arrangement that works out in your benefit. It's important to file a claim for the compensation you need now and in the future due to the impact of your injuries.

4 top myths about workers' compensation debunked

If you are injured or develop a medical condition as a result of your job, you may not be aware of your right to compensation. In New Jersey, if this happens, you are entitled to file a workers' compensation claim.

Since the law surrounding workers' compensation is fairly complex, there are likely several myths and half-truths that you have heard about. To ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to, it is useful to make yourself aware of some of the most commonly repeated myths that are out there.

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