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Work accident at New Jersey cemetery results in injuries

Safety in the workplace is one of the most important issues in the lives of workers across the state of New Jersey. All employers have a legal obligation to protect and inform workers of risks and hazards they may face while on the job. However, like all accidents, accidents while at work are inevitable. Recently, an employee of a cemetery in New Jersey allegedly suffered a nightmarish work accident and sustained injuries while performing his job duties.

Allegedly, the man was helping dig a grave and became trapped at the bottom. In a stereotypical nightmare scenario, reports say the burial vault fell in and trapped the man at the bottom of the grave under the concrete vault cover which weighed around 800 pounds. Rescuers shoveled dirt away from the concrete cover in an attempt to dig the man out, according to reports.

Fatal Jersey City car accident marks a deadly start to the year

In the state of New Jersey, there are over six million licensed drivers. So, statistically, it is likely that every driver will experience an accident at some point in their lives. Most accidents prove to be nothing more than minor fender benders. However, some car crashes are very serious and can quickly turn fatal. Any car accident is an unfortunate thing to experience, but when lives are lost in such a manner the experience can be extremely traumatic.

A recent accident in Jersey City claimed the lives of two people and left four others hospitalized. The crash occurred in the overnight hours along a busy section of road between Manhattan Avenue and North Street. A violent collision between a Honda Accord and a Toyota Corolla left the Accord on its roof and the Corolla on the sidewalk.

3-vehicle accident results in injuries

Roadways across the state of New Jersey are more crowded than ever before. With so many vehicles on the road, accidents are bound to happen. Throw distracted, impaired or reckless drivers in the mix and just trying to reach a destination can be downright dangerous. A recent car accident in Hampton is an example of how unpredictable and dangerous driving can be.

The crash involved three vehicles and happened during the afternoon hours on State Route 94 in Hampton, New Jersey. Accident reports say the driver of a truck had stopped because a minivan in front of the truck was waiting for traffic to clear in order to make a left turn. According to authorities, a van traveling south collided with the truck that had stopped.

Was another party responsible for your single-vehicle crash?

If you have been the victim of unfortunate circumstances that led to you wrecking your car in New Jersey when no other vehicle was involved, you will likely have several questions about your rights. Most importantly, you will want to know whether being the only driver involved makes you liable for all the damages. These are essential issues to clarify, especially if you had a passenger who was injured, or if you caused property damage.

These are legitimate concerns because you might have lost control of your vehicle in an attempt to avoid hitting an animal, causing you to smash into a building -- or one of an endless list of possible scenarios that were unavoidable. If you can show that you were not at fault, you might be able to recover your damages, and your insurance might pay for the losses suffered by others.

Jersey City police chase ends in deadly pedestrian accident

Going for a walk along New Jersey city streets can be very risky these days. Accidents involving pedestrians are happening more and more as populations increase across the state. Although walking is a popular form of recreation for New Jersey citizens, many also use walking as a main source of transportation. To avoid a pedestrian accident, those traveling on foot should always be aware of their surroundings and be prepared for anything they may experience. 

Recently in Jersey City, a pedestrian was struck and killed by an SUV involved in a police chase. Reports say the driver of the SUV was being pursued by police for running traffic signals and speeding. According to police, the driver of the SUV refused to stop and fled.

Husband and wife killed in tragic car accident

Although modern vehicles and stringent traffic laws have improved driving safety, getting behind the wheel these days can still be dangerous. Roadways across the state of New Jersey are constantly congested with traffic. With so much traffic, unexpected events and accidents are bound to occur. Any car accident can be a stressful experience to endure, but when lives are lost the experience can be absolutely devastating.

A recent accident on Interstate 80 in Mount Olive shows just how unpredictable and dangerous driving can be these days. A husband and wife were tragically killed when the vehicle in which they were traveling was struck by a dump truck. Accident reports say that the dump truck was eastbound and blew a tire which caused the dump truck to veer across the median into oncoming traffic.

Floor mat causes slip-and-fall accident

Visiting businesses and shops in the state of New Jersey should be an enjoyable and safe experience for all visitors. Patrons and visitors should be able to browse and peruse stores without worrying about hazards that can potentially cause a slip-and-fall accident. Potential hazards can be things like liquids, cleaning supplies or tools left on the floor from routine maintenance. Sometimes, even minuscule things such as floor mats are the subject of neglect by store owners and these things can manifest into dangerous hazards.

A man in another state allegedly suffered injury while visiting a supermarket and he has filed a lawsuit. According to the suit, the man was shopping at the store and encountered a removable floor mat that had been bunched up. Allegedly, the man tripped over the bunched up floor mat and his fall resulted in injuries.

Car accident results in serious injuries and serious charges

As roadways become increasingly crowded across the state of New Jersey, accidents seem to be occurring more frequently. With populations booming in across the state, city streets are constantly congested with traffic. Driving in heavy traffic requires constant focus and attention. However, some drivers are not always careful or focused behind the wheel. A recent car accident in Rutherford left a man with serious injuries and another driver facing serious charges.

The wrong-way crash happened during the night time hours on Route 17 in Rutherford. Authorities say a northbound driver crossed into the southbound lane and collided head-on with another driver. According to accident reports, both vehicles sustained significant damage.

Man and dog killed in tragic car accident

According to statistics, automobile crashes are one of the leading causes of death and injury in the state of New Jersey. Increasingly crowded roadways combined with the myriad of distractions facing drivers today, it's no surprise that traffic accidents are trending upward. Drivers should always keep focus and attention on the road ahead, but sadly, that is not always the case. A recent car accident in Tinton Falls left a man and his dog dead.

Reports say that the man was driving a car east on Route 33. An SUV struck the man's car from behind and pushed the car into oncoming traffic, according to reports. A second SUV then crashed into the car on the passenger side.

Avoid the hazards of toxic chemical exposure

The manufacturing industry comprises a significant percentage of the New Jersey workforce. If you work in a factory, warehouse or another industrial facility, you will likely be aware of the dangers of toxic agents, chemicals, corrosives and flammable or combustible substances present in this industry. Because you are entitled to a safe workplace environment, the law requires your employer to provide you with comprehensive training to protect you from harm.

Potential harm includes chemical burns, inhalation injuries and occupational skin disorders and diseases. You could ensure your safety by making sure you gather as much information as possible about the toxins in your workplace.

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