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Understanding workers' compensation can be beneficial

The safety of workers should be the top priority for employers across the state of New Jersey. Injuries sustained on the job have the potential to put an employee out of work for an extended period of time, resulting in lost wages and benefits. Across America, most employees have access to workers' compensation benefits, which allow workers to obtain benefits in the event of an injury. An employee of a city in another state was allegedly injured on the job, rendering him unable to perform his duties.

The man reportedly took advantage of his workers' compensation benefits. However, the nature of the injury has kept him out of work for an extended amount of time, which has he and his family questioning just how long he will continue to receive pay. The man worked as a police officer and suffered a spinal injury while at work, reports say. Allegedly, the man tried to work through the injury, but the injury caused him to fall while at work, which only worsened his situation.

Head-on car accident leaves a driver facing serious charges

It is common knowledge that driving can be difficult and downright dangerous on New Jersey roadways these days. Drivers are faced with abundant and serious threats any time they get behind the wheel. A car accident is an event that no person wants to face. However, odds are that all drivers will experience an accident at some point in their driving careers. A tragic accident in Jersey City recently left a man facing serious charges.

The accident happened during the early morning hours on a well-traveled roadway. According to accident reports, a BMW and a Honda collided head-on. A preliminary police investigation found that the driver of the BMW was traveling south in the northbound lane and crashed into the Honda.

Parkway car accident claims the life of 82 year-old man

In New Jersey and across America, motor vehicle accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of death and injury. Although modern vehicles and revamped traffic laws have made driving safer, injuries and death due to motor vehicle crashes are steadily climbing year over year. A recent car accident in Monmouth County claimed the life of an 82 year-old man.

The two-vehicle crash occurred along the Garden State Parkway during the early morning hours. Accident reports say the victim was traveling in the southbound express lane in a Nissan Versa when his car was struck from behind by a Lexus. The impact forced the Nissan into the grass median where it overturned, reports indicate.

Young boy struck by a vehicle while riding bicycle

Cities across New Jersey are constantly bustling and congested with traffic. To avoid congested streets, many people choose to travel by foot or by bike. Kids and adults alike commonly use bicycles for recreation and also as a way to get around town. Recently, a young boy in Garfield was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike.

Family members say the boy was riding his bike along Lanza Avenue in Garfield during a recent afternoon. According to reports, a box truck was traveling east on Lanza Avenue and attempted to make a right turn onto Pleasant Avenue. Reports indicate that the boy was riding east on the sidewalk and was struck by the box truck as he entered the intersection.

Motorcycle accidents: Police officer indicted after fatality

In New Jersey, motorcyclists will soon be taking to roadways across the state to enjoy warmer temperatures. The state of New Jersey offers an abundance of scenic routes perfect for motorcycles. However, motorcycles can be more difficult to see than other vehicles, so motorists should always be on the lookout for them when traveling. Since motorcyclists are fully exposed to the elements, motorcycle accidents commonly result in very serious injuries or death.

An Elizabeth police officer was recently indicted after he struck and killed a motorcyclist. According to accident reports, the officer was off duty and driving a Jeep Wrangler when he collided with a motorcycle at an intersection. The motorcyclist was thrown from his motorcycle and critically injured, reports said.

Recovering from a nasty fall

Now that spring is on the way and the temperatures in New Jersey are rising, you are likely relieved to be able to walk safely along the sidewalks where you live and work. Without fear of slipping on random patches of ice or having to pick your way across snowy paths that property owners have not shoveled, you may feel that your morning jog, walk to work or trip to the store will be much safer.

Unfortunately, slipping on ice is only one way in which you can hurt yourself on a public sidewalk. The winter months often wreak havoc on concrete paths, and other factors may leave a sidewalk with many tripping hazards. A property owner who fails to repair these and other hazards or to warn you of their danger may be liable for any injuries you suffer if you fall.

Parkway car accident ends in multiple injuries

As the warmer months approach, so does peak tourist season in New Jersey. This means already crowded roadways can quickly become congested with an influx of tourist traffic. It is not uncommon for multi-vehicle, chain reaction crashes to occur along crowded freeways and interstate highways across the state. A recent car accident involving multiple vehicles occurred on a parkway in Holmdel and left eight people injured.

The collision occurred during the afternoon hours on the Garden State Parkway. According to reports, the accident seemed to be a chain reaction type crash and involved six total vehicles. One of the vehicles in the crash was reportedly a New Jersey State Police car.

Family files premises liability suit against McDonald's

Customers that visit stores and restaurants in New Jersey should not have to fear for their safety when shopping or ordering a meal. Every state in the country has premises liability laws that say business and property owners are legally obligated to provide a safe and hazard-free environment for all legal visitors. However, common things like water or substances left on the floor unmarked can potentially be dangerous hazards for unsuspecting guests.

In another state, a family has filed a lawsuit against a McDonald's restaurant after alleged negligence caused injury to a family member. The family member who was hurt visited a local McDonald's looking to purchase a meal. According to the plaintiffs, the man encountered a slippery substance on the floor that caused him to fall. It is alleged that the fall caused substantial injuries to the man.

Distracting driving an all-too-common cause of a car accident

Drivers in New Jersey and across the country face an abundance of distractions these days. Cell phones, digital audio and GPS systems are examples of modern gadgets that can take focus off of the road and cause a car accident. Law enforcement offers throughout New Jersey have recently launched a campaign to crack down on distracted driving.

The law enforcement campaign is called "UDrive. UText. UPay.". It will target drivers who are using cell phones while driving. Authorities say that behaviors such as texting while driving are some of the most serious safety issues on today's roadways. Statistics indicate that almost 10 percent of deaths in car crashes are caused by distracted drivers. 

Rutgers graduate killed after being struck by a vehicle

Take a quick glance at news headlines across the state of New Jersey and its easy to see that driving under the influence of alcohol is in a disturbing uptrend. Its common knowledge that driving while intoxicated is one of the most dangerous things a person can do, yet so many continue to do it. Those that drive drunk not only endanger their lives, but the lives of all others around them. Not long ago, a pedestrian was killed in Elizabeth when he was struck by a vehicle driven by a drunk driver.

The victim in the crash was a 23-year-old man that had just graduated from Rutgers University. Accident reports say that the driver was speeding on the wrong side of the road and struck the victim. According to authorities, the impact threw the victim into a parked car. Tragically, the pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene.

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