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The Jersey City law firm of Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman is one of the largest, most experienced workers’ compensation practices in Hudson County. For over 40 years, lawyers at our firm have offered sound legal guidance and dedicated representation to workers who have suffered illness or injury due to occupational exposure. We have successfully recovered cash settlements and verdicts for thousands of satisfied workers.

What Is Occupational Exposure?

“Occupational exposure” or occupational disease refers to situations where a worker develops a medical condition or illness as a result of the conditions or the environment of the job or the nature of the work performed over a period of time. Some examples of occupational exposure include:

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  • Chemical exposure: Comes from years of breathing dust, fumes, asbestos or other harmful chemicals. Common to factory workers, warehouse workers, industrial workers, garage workers, those in maintenance or manufacturing jobs, and people who work in enclosed spaces. This exposure can cause breathing problems, pulmonary or respiratory disease, mesothelioma, asbestosis, skin rashes and other conditions.
  • Repetitive lifting: Involves jobs which require repeated lifting such as packing, loading/unloading, hospital or nursing home orderlies, nurses, warehouse workers, package deliverers, and construction workers. This exposure can result in chronic pain or related conditions in the back, legs, shoulders, knees or feet.
  • Repetitive motion: Involves jobs which require repetitive motions of the wrists or hands, common to embroiders, production line workers, assembly line workers, secretaries, mechanics, and food preparation employees. This exposure can result in carpal tunnel syndrome of the wrists, arthritis, or chronic pain or conditions of the hands or arms.

Every occupational exposure case is different. The best advice can be provided if you call our Jersey City office at 201-798-2711201-798-2711. You will speak with an experienced accident workers’ compensation attorney at no cost and no obligation to you. We can answer many questions right on the phone and, if you like, schedule a free in-person consultation at your convenience.

Diagnosing Occupational Exposure and Chronic Conditions

Certain conditions that come about because of workplace hazards can be very difficult or impossible to diagnose as definitely work-related, even when they are. Hearing loss, diminished vision and stress and anxiety are examples of difficult-to-prove occupational exposure conditions. If we represent you for your workers’ compensation exposure case, we will arrange an examination with a skilled medical expert to identify any conditions or injuries related to your employment.

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Our lawyers have over 95 years of experience representing injured workers in Hudson, Essex, Passaic, Bergen and Union County and throughout New Jersey. We can evaluate your situation and advise if you have a valid claim. We are happy to answer your questions, whether or not you open a case. If you do open a case with us, you will have the skill, dedication and extensive experience of our well-established firm protecting your rights and fighting for the maximum possible recovery.

Call the New Jersey lawyers of Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman at  201-798-2711201-798-2711 for a free consultation. You may also contact us by e-mail now to ask a question or to schedule an appointment with a lawyer at our Jersey City location.

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