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A criminal record, or even a record of arrest that did not result in criminal charges, can haunt you for the rest of your life. Any type of criminal history can make it difficult to find employment, housing or qualify for certain loans. However, it may be possible to seal your criminal record through the expungement process.At the law firm of Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman, our Jersey City expungement attorneys have been helping people throughout Jersey City, Bayonne, North Bergen, West New York, and other parts of Hudson, Essex and Bergen counties for more than 40 years. A past mistake should not continue to follow you forever. That is why we will take a close look at your record to determine if it is eligible to be sealed from public view.

The Benefits of Expungement

An expungement will seal some criminal complaints, arrest records and criminal convictions from the view of the public. It is important to remember that if you were ever charged with a crime and were subsequently acquitted of the charge, employers, landlords, insurance providers and anyone else who is curious can see that you have a criminal history. In addition, anytime you fill out an application, such as for a job or a loan, and are asked if you have ever been arrested for a crime, you are legally bound to answer “yes.”

The good news is if your record is eligible for expungement, it will be sealed and you are no longer legally obligated to disclose if you were arrested or convicted of the crime that was expunged. Also, your record will be shielded from the eyes of the public, although some government agencies may still be able to request a copy of your record.

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Not All Crimes Are Eligible for Expungement

Only a limited number of crimes are eligible for expungement in New Jersey. Only first-time offenses are eligible and felony charges may not be expunged. Other nonfelony crimes, such as drunk driving, are not eligible either. In some cases there may be a waiting period of up to one year after the disposition of your case before you can apply for an expungement. When our Jersey City lawyers meet with you, we will explore all of your options and let you know whether you have a good case for expungement.

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