Uber/Lyft Accidents

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Uber/Lyft Accident Attorneys In New Jersey

Rideshare services, such as Uber and Lyft, have made it easier than ever to get around town, but being injured in a rideshare accident can be a frightening and frustrating experience. There may be multiple sources for compensation in a rideshare accident, and it can be overwhelming figuring out who may be responsible for paying your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. For more than 40 years, our team at Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman has helped injured victims recover maximum compensation in all types of motor vehicle accident cases. Our Jersey City Uber/Lyft accident lawyers can determine who’s liable and pursue all possible sources of recovery.

Who Is Liable In A Rideshare Accident?

Each situation is unique, and the issue of liability in rideshare accidents can be complex. You may be entitled to file a claim with the rideshare company, the driver’s auto insurance company, another negligent driver’s insurer, or even your insurance policy.

Unlike taxi and limo drivers, rideshare drivers are independent contractors. However, Uber and Lyft each carry a $1 million insurance policy that is supposed to cover injured riders. However, if the driver isn’t logged into the app, the rideshare company may not be responsible for paying damages. In this case, a rideshare driver’s personal auto insurance policy may cover your compensation. With so many parties involved, determining who’s accountable for your injuries can be challenging.

Filing Insurance Claims For Uber/Lyft Accidents

If an accident is caused by an outside party or more than two vehicles are involved, you may have to file claims with multiple insurance companies. This process can be confusing and nerve-wracking, especially when you’re hurt and trying to heal. Our Uber/Lyft accident lawyers investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident, determine who may be liable for your injuries, and handle all communications and negotiations with insurance companies so you can focus on recovering.

An insurance company may initially deny your claim or offer you a minimal settlement. When several insurance companies are involved, they may even join forces to dispute your claim, minimize the extent of your injuries, or assert that their insured party wasn’t at fault. That’s why it’s so important to seek the counsel of an experienced Uber/Lyft accident lawyer if you’ve been injured. Our seasoned litigators and are well-versed in handling negotiations with multiple insurance companies. We aggressively fight to protect your rights and interests and help you recover the compensation you need and deserve.

What To Do After A Rideshare Accident

If you’ve been involved in a rideshare accident, there are certain steps you should take to protect your rights, including:

Call the police or 911 — Having law enforcement come to the scene and document the accident can provide valuable evidence if you decide to file a personal injury claim.

Seek medical attention — It’s important to seek treatment immediately following an accident, as some symptoms of serious conditions, such as traumatic brain injury don’t appear right away.

Report the accident to the rideshare company — Both Uber and Lyft enable you to report an accident using their app.

Record all important information — Write down the name, license number, phone number, and insurance information of your rideshare driver and all motorists who were involved in the accident. You should also get contact information from any witnesses who may have seen what happened.

Take photos — Snap a few pictures of the scene, your injuries, and damage to the vehicles.

Don’t give a statement or sign anything — Insurance adjusters may ask you for a statement, request that you sign documents, or offer you a settlement. Don’t do any of these things before speaking with an Uber/Lyft accident attorney.

Contact a Jersey City Uber/Lyft accident lawyer — Our personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis and initial consultations are always free, which means you have nothing to lose by contacting us to evaluate your case. If we move forward with your claim, you won’t incur any up-front costs or pay attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you.

Contact An Uber/Lyft Accident Attorney

If you’ve been injured or have lost a loved one in a rideshare accident, our caring, knowledgeable team at Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman can help you sort it out and make things right. To ask questions or schedule a free consultation, contact us online, use the chat feature on our website, or call 201-798-2711 in Jersey City.  Our Uber/Lyft accident lawyers in Jersey City also serve clients throughout the state of New Jersey, including Kinnelon, Jefferson, and Vernon. Se habla español.