Collision Accidents

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Attorneys for Motor Vehicle Collisions In New Jersey

While some crashes are more severe than others, motorists, passengers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists can suffer injury in any kind of collision. At Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman, our motor vehicle collision lawyers have successfully handled thousands of cases involving all types of accidents. Our Jersey City law firm is dedicated to helping injured victims of negligent drivers recover the maximum compensation they deserve for their injuries and damages.

Types of Vehicle Collisions

Rear-End Collisions

Distracted driving, tailgating, and wet or icy roads are all common causes of rear-end collisions. Even at low speeds, rear-end collisions can cause serious injuries to occupants of both vehicles, including whiplash and other spine, neck, and back injuries. When traveling at high speeds or in heavy traffic on the highway, rear-end collisions can have deadly consequences, especially if a small passenger automobile “underrides” beneath the back of a truck or another large vehicle.

Although many people assume that the driver who rear-ends another vehicle is always at fault, in some circumstances that simply isn’t the case. Each situation is different. If you’ve been hurt in a rear-end accident, it’s vital to consult a motor vehicle collision attorney who can evaluate your case and advise you on how to proceed.

T-Bone Collisions

Also known as side-impact collisions, T-bone crashes happen when one car hits another broadside, forming the shape of a “T.” These types of accidents usually occur at intersections, train crossings, and in parking lots. A T-bone collision may also be caused by a driver turning left who doesn’t see an oncoming car or a motorist who runs a red light or stop sign.

Sometimes malfunctioning traffic signals or poor intersection design can be a factor in T-bone crashes. When a motorcyclist is involved in a T-bone collision, the results can be fatal. Occupants of automobiles can also suffer catastrophic injuries in T-bone collisions, as the sides of cars provide much less protection than the back or front.

Sideswipe Collisions

Collisions that involve one vehicle swiping the side of another are often caused by distracted drivers, motorists failing to see another car in a blind spot, or drivers swerving to avoid hazards in the road. Although most sideswipe collisions are minor, when they happen at high speeds or involve large vehicles such as tractor trailers, the results can be devastating.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are one of the most violent and deadly types of car crashes. Reckless passing on two-lane roads, swerving into an oncoming lane of traffic, and entering a highway from the wrong direction are common causes of head-on collisions. Unfortunately, our personal injury lawyers have represented too many families who have lost someone they love in a head-on collision. Staying alert and focused, paying close attention to road signs and traffic signals, and avoiding dangerous driving behaviors can help keep you safe and avoid head-on crashes.

Single-Car Collisions

Single-vehicle crashes sometimes occur when a motorist loses control and crashes into a tree, utility pole, or another stationary object. They may be caused by icy or wet roads or swerving to avoid a vehicle, animal, or debris in the street. Single-car collisions can also be caused by mechanical issues, such as brake failure and design defects that lead to rollover accidents. If another motorist, animal, or defective auto part caused you to crash, our collision attorneys can investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and help you pursue compensation for your damages.

Multi-Vehicle Collisions

These types of accidents often happen in heavy traffic, severe weather, and on highways. When vehicles suddenly come to a stop, the chain reaction of one car hitting another can have tragic consequences, especially when trucks, buses, and other large vehicles are involved. If you’ve been hurt or have lost a loved one in a multi-car accident, our team will thoroughly explore all aspects of how the crash occurred and determine who may be at fault.  

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