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Accidental Injuries on the Job

Unfortunately, workers suffer from all kinds of injuries on the job. The New Jersey workers’ compensation law is designed to protect the rights of workers injured on the job. Many people do not realize that you do not need to prove negligence or fault in order to collect workers’ compensation benefits. You only need to prove that you were in the course of your employment and that you were injured in some way. It can even be your own fault.

Some common types of injuries on the job include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents involving truck drivers, bus drivers or couriers
  • Trip and fall due to a hole or other hazardous condition at work
  • Slip on ice or snow at work or at a delivery location
  • Machine or power tool injuries including amputations or lacerations
  • Lifting injuries – back injury or hernia from heavy lifting
  • Chemical burns or inhalation on the job
  • Employee injured by a falling box, or by accidentally dropping a heavy object
  • Injuries from an assault which occurs during working hours

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Worker’s Compensation Benefits for Accidents on the Job

In general, employees who are injured while working are entitled to three types of workers’ compensation benefits.

1) Medical Treatment:

The workers’ compensation insurance company must pay for the reasonable and necessary medical treatment related to the injury suffered on the job. You should not use your health insurance for treatment of a work-related injury. The workers’ compensation company must provide you with an authorized doctor who will be in charge of your care. If needed, you have the right to request a specialist such as an orthopedic or neurologist to evaluate your injury. As long as your treatment is provided by the workers’ compensation doctors, you will not have to pay any money associated with this treatment. Many times the authorized doctor pushes an employee to return to work, when sometimes the employee is not yet recovered. This is why we encourage people to retain an attorney immediately to protect their rights. If your claim is promptly filed, we can make application to the court for continued or additional medical care, for the right to see a specialist, or for a light duty work assignment.

2) Temporary Disability

If your injury on the job causes you to miss work for 8 or more consecutive days following the injury, you may be entitled to temporary disability. This refers to workers’ compensation disability and not state disability. You can receive 70% of your regular wage for the time you are out of work. It is important to know that your absence from work must be at the instructions of the authorized doctor. You can not just choose to stay home and receive this temporary disability payment. Often the insurance companies will deny or delay payment of this benefit or pay at an improper rate. Our firm can help ensure that you recover the full amount to which you are entitled.

3) Permanent Disability

Where most employees require skilled legal representation is in recovering permanent disability benefits. While insurance companies often pay for medical treatment and sometimes even pay the temporary disability, they rarely offer payment for permanent disability, which is often the largest benefit to the injured worker. Permanent disability, does not mean total disability. Rather, it refers to disability which still exists 26 weeks or more after conclusion of authorized medical treatment. If, after that time, you still experience pain, stiffness, or limitation in your affected body part, you may be eligible to recover this workers’ compensation benefit in the form of a cash payment. At Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman, we will schedule you to be examined by an appropriate expert medical doctor to evaluate your condition, determine any permanent injury, and write a comprehensive report for submission to the workers’ compensation court. We will use our experience and skill to fight for your maximum recovery.

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In workers’ compensation cases you do not need to pay our firm anything up front. We only get paid if we can successfully recover money for you. Our fee is determined by the Worker’s Compensation Judge at the end of your case. The maximum fee in most cases is 20%. This attorney fee is paid by the insurance carrier or deducted from your settlement or trial verdict proceeds. Clients of Krivitzky, Springer & Feldman will not need to pay the expert medical doctors up front. The judge will award the doctor(s) a small fee at the end of the case, to be deducted from the proceeds.

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