How workers’ compensation works in New Jersey

If you’re hurt at work, do you know what to do? It’s important to follow the correct procedures,

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Are pedestrian deaths rising in New Jersey?

With pedestrian deaths on the rise in New Jersey, police have started to look for reasons why more

Aug 04, 2015 Read More

Emergency worker killed in accident with driver in East Brunswick

When you have an accident, you know to call emergency services for help. When you do that, ambulances

Jul 30, 2015 Read More

How can you tell who is at fault for a motorcycle accident?

If you’re in a motorcycle accident, you probably have a few questions about who is at fault and

Jul 22, 2015 Read More

Get compensated for your occupational exposure illness

Occupational exposure is something that can lead to you suffering serious health consequences in your future or even

Jul 16, 2015 Read More

Does New Jersey have specific pedestrian traffic laws?

Since 2010, New Jersey has had revised traffic laws to help reduce the number of deadly pedestrian accidents

Jul 08, 2015 Read More

Man paralyzed after car turns in front of his motorcycle

As a motorcyclist, you know that the roads are more dangerous for you than for other drivers. You

Jul 02, 2015 Read More

Speak up after an injury on a business’ premises in New Jersey

When walking into a grocery store, you don’t expect anything bad to happen. You probably just want to

Jun 23, 2015 Read More

What do you do if you get hurt at work?

When you’re hurt on the job, the first thing you should do is tell your employer. Don’t wait

Jun 18, 2015 Read More

Stay safe on the roads with these motorcycle safety tips

As a motorcyclist, you do everything you can to stay safe on the roads. Despite this, you may

Jun 12, 2015 Read More

What are the most common injuries to pedestrians struck by cars?

When a pedestrian is involved in a car accident, that person is at a high risk of serious

Jun 01, 2015 Read More

Morgan and Wal-Mart settle after fatal accident

If you remember the accident that involved comedian Tracy Morgan and James McNair, then you recall that it

May 28, 2015 Read More

Don’t pay for someone else’s negligent actions after a wreck

Those who drive know that when they get into a car, they could get into an accident. A

May 21, 2015 Read More

Proving liability in a foreclosed property

Getting hurt on someone’s property typically results in the owner being held responsible for your injuries. What happens

May 12, 2015 Read More

Fatal accident could have involved texting, according to courts

Pedestrians are often in danger when they’re out walking near roads, especially when drivers aren’t paying as much

May 07, 2015 Read More

Claim compensation for negligence on a premises in New Jersey

Most of the time, when you’re on someone else’s property, you are protected against injuries. If the owner

Apr 30, 2015 Read More

The Uninsured Employer’s Fund and Workers’ Compensation

What happens if your employer has failed to get the workers’ compensation coverage he or she was meant

Apr 20, 2015 Read More

How serious are pedestrian accidents in the U.S.?

Pedestrian safety is something everyone needs to consider when on the roads. As unfortunate as it is, drivers

Apr 16, 2015 Read More

Get the compensation you deserve after your work accident

New Jersey has high-speed highways and beautiful beaches with residential roads and busy boardwalks, and all of these

Apr 08, 2015 Read More

1 killed, 1 injured when random tire hits Audi on I-80

The condition of a person’s car has a lot to do with how well it drives. Sometimes, manufacturer’s

Mar 31, 2015 Read More
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